Using public health science to protect businesses and communities


Modernize public health systems and empower institutions to more effectively prevent, detect, and respond to communicable disease threats



A scalable biosecurity platform leveraging genomic epidemiology, machine learning, and public health expertise to produce actionable outbreak intelligence.





Infection prevention protocols informed by latest medical and public health science

On-demand expertise providing the clarity leaders need to protect lives and livelihoods

Tailored risk assessments and recommendations to enable safe operations

Independent certification that prevention protocols align with best practices



Bio-surveillance and testing paired with genomic epidemiology to rapidly identify cases, hotspots, variants, and transmission chains.


During an outbreak, speed is of the essence. PHC Offers rapid turn-around-times with intuitive and actionable results.


PHC provides near-real-time detection of viral variants that PCR will not catch (including vaccine escape mutants) and advice on how to respond

PHC streamlines your testing program by managing background logistics and providing centralized accountability


“Genomic surveillance is one of the few ways officials can determine whether, where, and how to put restrictions in place. Without this data, even the fastest-acting, best-intentioned leaders are flying blind.” - The New York Times



Actionable intelligence to manage positives, forecast outcomes, and improve future prevention

We can ensure Continuity of Operations by:

Finding the source of outbreak: internal vs external

Analyzing the magnitude of outbreak: small unrelated clusters vs. one outbreak

Informing decision-makers on where to apply restrictions

Implementation of targeted actions instead of broad restrictions


COVID-19 has highlighted the need to modernize health systems to be resilient and responsive to biosecurity threats that burden our nation’s health and economy.


PHC is developing state-of-the-art technology to help institutions understand when and where outbreaks are happening and how to minimize human and financial impact; not just for COVID-19, but also a wide range of existing and emerging infectious diseases.


Novel pathogen emergence: Globalization sped up the emergence and spread of dangerous pathogens; more are coming

Hospital acquired infections: 2 million HAIs causing 90,000 deaths per year with annual cost of $28-45 billion

Antibiotic resistance: >2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year, costing up to $34 billion per year

Bio-terrorism: Genomic epidemiology can help detect and respond to a myriad of human and agricultural pathogens



Brian Levine, MBA

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

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Charity Dean, MD, MPH&TM

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

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David Dynerman, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

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Craig Katsuyama

Deputy COO

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David Markman, PhD

Director of Strategy and Business Development

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Julianne Bautista, RN, MSN

Manager of Strategy and Business Development

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Joshua Batson, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

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Scott Singer, JD

General Counsel

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Ed Tran RN, PHN, MSN

Senior Nurse Operations Director

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Gavin Mecher


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Aydee Nunez

Administrative Assistant

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Terese Tatum, MSN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

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Lucy Li, PhD

Director of Infectious Disease Modeling

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Dave Fisk, MD

Infectious Disease Physician

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CJ Howard, MPP

Director of Client Operations

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Emily Olsen

Executive Assistant

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Mark Pandori PhD

Laboratory Science Advisor

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Joe DeRisi PhD

Scientific Advisor

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Sweat Equity Ventures

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Todd Park

Exec Chairman, Co-Founder

Devoted Health

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Brad Katsuyama

CEO, Co-Founder

IEX Group

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Bryan Roberts



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Charity Dean

Chairman, CEO, Co-Founder

Brian Levine

COO, Co-Founder



We embody in all our affairs a firm commitment to do what is right, even when no one is watching. We build trust by freely sharing ourselves with one another and believing in the core goodness of team members. We are committed to the mission of protecting communities, and our country, with the highest regard for public health science, and no regard for any political agenda.


We are learners and welcome insight from every team member and client. We treat one another with kindness and respect, valuing teamwork and shared wins.


We are brave. We encourage risk-taking, as we deliberately value the iterative process of failing quickly in order to find the path to success.


We are willing to do whatever it takes. We approach obstacles with optimism; we stand for hope as a greater force than cynicism and despair. This is what enables us to keep trying after others have surrendered.

Long-term thinking

We envision and build toward what the country will need 10 years from now, while integrating into the reality of now and solving the problems in front of us.



Using public health science to protect businesses and communities