Unparalleled Protection from Biological Threats

The Public Health Company (PHC) protects enterprises through a world class bio-risk management platform.

Protect your

Protect your

supply chains

Diseases have no respect for organizational boundaries.

The biological risks to businesses are increasing.

We empower organizations to proactively mitigate disruptions to business
operations, supply chains, investments, and employee trust through our AI &
ML-powered bio-risk management solution.

PHC unlocks the ability to act with clarity, confidence, and speed.


Offering foresight and actionable insights to mitigate disruptions from disease. We combine world-class expertise and analytics to provide a global bio-threat management solution.

“What scares me most... is our ability to respond to a new pathogen, maybe one we've never seen before, or an old pathogen, like influenza that's just mutated... we know that we have to be prepared for that."

Dr. Charity Dean
CEO and Founder of the Public Health Company and lead protagonist in The Premonition, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis.
Book Cover - The Premonition
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Perfect prevention protocols informed by latest medical and public health science. Watch the video to understand how.

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