About Us

We are on a mission to protect businesses and communities from infectious disease.

OUR Mission

We empower organizations to proactively mitigate disruptions to business
operations, supply chains, investments, and employee trust through our AI &
ML-powered bio-risk management solution.

OUR Solutions

PHC has developed the first Public Health as a Service (PHaaS) platform for businesses, health care providers, and public health systems that systematically combines real-time public health data, containment best practices, and genomic epidemiology to prevent, detect, and contain costly disease outbreaks. PHC combines this platform with unparalleled public health expertise to give organizations easy-to-understand recommendations to strike the critical balance between the continuity of operations and the safety of employees and clients.


We embody in all our affairs a firm commitment to do what is right, even when no one is watching. We build trust by freely sharing ourselves with one another and believing in the core goodness of team members. We are committed to the mission of protecting lives and livelihoods with the highest regard for public health science, and no regard for any political agenda

We are learners and welcome insight from every team member and client. We treat one another with kindness and respect, valuing teamwork and shared wins

We are brave. We encourage risk-taking, as we deliberately value the iterative process of failing quickly in order to find the path to success

We are willing to do whatever it takes. We approach obstacles with optimism; we stand for hope as a greater force than cynicism and despair. This is what enables us to keep trying after others have surrendered

Long-term thinking
We envision and build toward what the world will need 10 years from now, while integrating into the reality of now and solving the problems in front of us

“You cannot wait for the smoke to clear: once you can see things clearly it is already too late. You can’t outrun an epidemic: by the time you start to run it is already upon you."

Dr. Charity Dean
CEO and Founder of the Public Health Company and lead protagonist in The Premonition, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis.