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Vaccinated people: Your odds of a COVID 'breakthrough' infection have gone up. That doesn't mean you need to panic.
Business Insider
July 20, 2021
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Superspreader 'explosions' continue to plague pandemic efforts
NBC News
July 14, 2021
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Dr. Charity Dean Wrote “It Started” in December 2019
Center for Strategic and International Studies
July 12, 2021
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Unvaccinated communities could see a spike in COVID cases this fall
Fast Company
July 1, 2021
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U.S. medical stockpile running low as Delta variant threat looms
June 30, 2021
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How the World Can Stop Future Pandemics in their Tracks
The Telegraph
June 19, 2021
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The Disease Detective
New York Times
June 3, 2021
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Should local governments be responsible for pandemic response? Lessons learned so far
Toronto CityNews
June 2, 2021
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Public health meets private sector with Charity Dean’s new venture
Pacific Coast Business Times
May 28, 2021
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Seneca's 100 Women to Hear Podcast - Dr. Charity Dean: The Woman Who Warned America About Covid
Seneca Women
May 25, 2021
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The people that are preparing the world for a disaster
Sky News
May 24, 2021
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Disease-related risk management is now a thing, and this young startup is at the forefront
May 11, 2021
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Michael Lewis Chronicles the Story of Covid’s Cassandras
New York Times
May 6, 2021
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Michael Lewis says new book about pandemic "the richest narrative I've ever had"
60 Minutes, CBS NEWS
May 2, 2021
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See the pitch deck that an ex-Goldman partner and a public-health doctor used to convince Verily and Venrock to pour $8 million into a startup taking a new approach to fighting disease outbreaks
Business Insider
April 29, 2021
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Schools already testing students and staff for coronavirus say it's crucial to in-person class: 'It's worth it'
USA Today
March 20, 2021
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California to offer affordable rapid COVID tests to school districts returning to campus
The Sacramento Bee
March 11, 2021
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Former Santa Barbara Co health officer tapped for network investigation on COVID-19
ABC News
July 30, 2020
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